Carbon footprint calculator

The Responsiblee calculator is an easy-to-use tool that guarantees the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the widely respected GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gases Protocol).

We provide a clear and transparent walk-through of all 3 scopes in which greenhouse gas emissions occur. We guarantee the simplest way of calculation process automation based on up-to-date information.

We also have a constantly growing database that allows us to significantly simplify the most difficult part of the whole process - emissions scope 3 counting.


Manage company's emissions
via intuitive dashboard

An intuitive and flexible system

It enables entrepreneurs to implement ESG standards effortlessly. The ability to adapt it to changing regulations and legal requirements ensures continuity in proper non-financial reporting.

Affordable subscription plan

Responsiblee gives you the ability to choose one of four subscription options. As a result, the service is suited to needs, size and financial capabilities of your company.

Precise calculation and your own emission database

Your own, constantly updated emission database (created on the basis of sources recognized by the GHG Protocol) gives you a comfort and certainty as to the correctness of calculations. From this day on there is no need to independently search for emission factors - we’ve got you covered.

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Calculate your organization's
carbon footprint

Scope 1

Burning fuels

The first scope includes emissions directly resulting from the combustion of fuels in stationary and mobile sources owned or supervised by your company. In addition, this scope also includes emissions resulting from technological processes or escaping refrigerants.

Scope 2


The second scope includes indirect energy emissions resulting from the consumption of imported (purchased or externally supplied) electricity, heat, process steam and cold (in practice, GHG emissions arise at the place where these utilities are produced).

Scope 3


The third scope includes other indirect emissions throughout the supply chain, e.g. as a result of the production of raw materials or semi-finished products, waste management, transport of raw products and materials, employees business trips or use of products by end users.

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