Carbon Footprint Management Platform

Sustainability starts with data

Responsiblee's supports decarbonization of your company, automate your emissions management and gives deeper insights environmental impact

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Data-driven sustainability platform

Empower your businesses with actionable insights and industry-based data to enhance sustainable practices.

Supporting the decarbonization of your company

Leverage CO2e reduction across all your products, divisions and units. Monitor your emissions in all three Scopes, and support your decisions with data.

Automating reports and calculations

Calculate your carbon footprint and create emission reports automatically. Use automatic rules to scale emissions management in a matter of seconds.

The advantages of Responsiblee's carbon footprint management platform

Manage carbon footprint across the whole supply chain

Take control of your company's carbon footprint across the entire supply chain, making informed decisions and optimizing sustainability efforts for a greener and more eco-conscious business.

Monitor emissions
in all three Scopes

Gain comprehensive insights into your company's environmental impact by monitoring emissions in all three Scopes.

Stay compliant
with the GHG Protocol

Ensure compliance with the GHG Protocol by utilizing Responsiblee carbon footprint management platform.


Responsiblee's Carbon Footprint Management Platform offers industry-specific and customizable solutions to effectively address the unique sustainability needs of your business sector.

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Report & Calculate carbon
footprint in the Constructions Industry.

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Carbon footprint monitoring solution for Transport & Logistics companies.

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Oil & Gas

Manage emissions in all units of your company from Oil & Gas industry.

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Report & Calculate emissions in all units of your company from Energy industry.

Understanding and managing the carbon footprint connected to external sources is crucial for a comprehensive sustainability strategy. It account for even 80% of all emissions. With Responsiblee businesses can accurately calculate and report Scope 3 emissions, including those from the entire value chain, supply chain, and other indirect sources, to drive impactful environmental initiatives.

An intuitive and flexible system

It enables entrepreneurs to implement ESG standards effortlessly. The ability to adapt it to changing regulations and legal requirements ensures continuity in proper non-financial reporting.

Affordable subscription plan

Responsiblee gives you the ability to choose one of four subscription options. As a result, the service is suited to needs, size and financial capabilities of your company.

Precise calculation and your own emission database

Your own, constantly updated emission database (created on the basis of sources recognized by the GHG Protocol) gives you a comfort and certainty as to the correctness of calculations.

Sustainability starts with data

• Automate your carbon footprint management

• Take data-based decarbonization actions

• Stay compliant with regulatory requirements

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