CO2 Emissions Management Platform
for the Energy Industry by Responsiblee

Calculate and Report Carbon Footprint
in the Energy Company

Data-Driven Carbon Footprint Management Platform

Utilize the Responsiblee platform for carbon footprint management in your energy company. Analyze CO2 emissions with even greater precision and identify areas for improvement. Benefit from the calculation and reporting tool compliant with the GHG protocol.

Support the decarbonization process in your energy company

Support the reduction of CO2e emissions across all your branches with the Responsiblee platform. Monitor emissions in all three scopes and make data-driven decisions to effectively contribute to environmental protection and achieve sustainable development throughout your organization.

Advantages of the Responsiblee Carbon Footprint Management Platform

The Responsiblee Carbon Footprint Management Platform offers personalized solutions that effectively address the unique needs of the energy industry.

Manage carbon footprint throughout the entire supply chain

With Responsiblee platform, you can comprehensively monitor CO2 emissions at every stage of the supply chain, enabling precise analysis of your company's environmental impact.

Monitor emissions
in all three Scopes

The tool encompasses all areas to provide a comprehensive view of CO2 emissions across your company's entire operations, covering all aspects impacting the environment.

Maintain compliance
with the GHG Protocol

Responsiblee meets the latest reporting guidelines, ensuring compliance with current standards.

An intuitive and flexible system

Enables the implementation of ESG standards for every business with minimal time and financial investment. The option to tailor it to evolving regulations and legal requirements ensures continuity in accurate non-financial reporting.

Affordable subscription plan

Responsiblee offers the flexibility to choose from four subscription options, making the service perfectly tailored to the needs, size, and financial capabilities of your enterprise.

Precise Calculation and Custom Emission Database

Our proprietary, constantly updated emission database (developed based on sources recognized by the GHG protocol) provides the convenience of ensuring calculation accuracy and eliminates the need for independent emission factor research.

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Responsiblee's Carbon Footprint Management Platform

Calculate the CO2e emissions generated by your company and join the leaders of change in the business world. Gain the trust of customers, business partners, and investors by actively contributing to environmental protection.

Sustainability start with data

• Automate carbon footprint management

• Take actions based on data

• Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

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